Documents and Files Security Solution

FileSecure provides comprehensive encryption-based security for your sensitive documents stored on any platform. Protects your business from catastrophic data loss in the situation of a ransomware attack, human mistake or accidental hardware failure.

Encryption Based Files Security

Security for Dropbox,  Google Drive, Box and OneDrive

Secured File Access from Anywhere

Secured Files Sharing and Collaboration

Auto Backup & Recovery and Data Loss Prevention

Complete data security and privacy protection for every platform you use

CloudFish FileSecure protects your privacy and gives you the control over the security of your data regardless of wherever you store it.

Provides end-to-end encryption based security for your documents, pictures, videos and other digital assets stored on local computers, smart phones, tablets or external cloud servers.

Uses the industry standard AES-256 bit encryption technology to provide seemless security for your sensitive data and customers’ information.

Extended Data Security and Privacy Protection for Dropbox, Box, Google Drive and OneDrive

CloudFish provides an extended security layer and gives you the control over the security of your files stored on Dropbox, Google Drive, Box or OneDrive. Your documents are automatically encrypted when you store on the cloud and decrypted when you read. Industry standard AES 256 bit encryption technology and flexible encryption key management options gives you the level of security and flexibility you need for your business.

Secured file request, file sharing and collaboration

Request important documents and sensitive personal information files from customers or external users using ‘Secured File Request’

Share important documents with customers or external users using ‘Secured File Sharing’

Create team folders and securely collaborate within organization or with external users or customers

Automatic backup and recovery protects you from data loss

CloudFish’s automated backup and data recovery feature protects your documents and files in the event of a catastrophic event like a ransomeware attack, accidental hardware failure or human mistake.

Flexible and easy data backup and recovery options are easy to use and require minimal technical knowledge from the  end users.

Secured document access from anywhere

CloudFish FileSecure lets you access your documents securely from any platform or any device, easily and hassle-free. You can view, edit and share files stored in the cloud the same way you do on your local computer. Makes your employees more productive in a mobile cloud environment.

Best in class mobile productivity tools

CloudFish’s mobile applications provide the best in class productivity features that can make your work life easier and help you be more productive.

Packed with mobile features like document sign & send, scan, print, fax, PDF annotation and wireless document sharing make you work like a pro in a mobile cloud environment.

Easy-to-use, SaaS-based, Minimal setup

User friendly and easy-to-use applications for desktop, web, Android, iPhone and iPad that do not require users to have technical knowledge.

Uses SaaS-based architecture which requires minimal setup and no upfront investment.

Pay-as-you-go pricing model. No long-term licensing contract.

Backed by award-winning customer support and consulting

Award-winning customer support and implementation service included with the standard product license.

Gold and premium customer support and consulting services available for enterprise customers.

Leverage the Power of Compliance 24×7 Security