Cyber-Attacks Detection, Global Security Monitoring and Threat Blocking

CloudFish inGenious uses the artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to detect and control cyber-security threats that are not previously known (Zero Days attacks).  Provides you with real time threat intelligence, global security monitoring and  threat control capability

Cyber-Threats Detection, Monitoring and Control

AI Based Technology that Detects Known and Unknown Threats

Cyber attacks Protection for Devices, Virtual Machines and Mobile

Build on Industry Standard Security Protocols

Compatible with Other Products. Introduces No Additional Risk

As businesses and consumers are moving their data from standalone computers to cloud, the security risks associated with this transition increase drastically. The number of cyber-attacks, intrusion attempts and data breach incidences faced by businesses and consumers has recorded a sharp increase over the last five years. Not only the number of incidence but the growing sophistication of these security threats is compelling businesses around the world to review their security strategy and reorient it with the new dynamics of the security threats.

Why Do You Need AI to Protect your Business from Cyber-Atatcks ?

A recent study of some of the most recent security breaches on US commercial and government organizations revealed that at the time of the cyber-attack, these organizations had a solid security infrastructure in place with some of the best known security companies’ software installed on their premises. However, the hackers were able to penetrate their single-layer security by exploiting vulnerabilities which the traditional security products were not able to detect in timely manner which eventually resulted in a massive data breach.

To ensure best defense against these ‘unknown (zero-day)’ threats, cyber-security experts around the globe, recommend an adaptive and multi-layer defense strategy in which the traditional signature and behavior based antiviruses coexist with an adaptive and self learning module that should be able to intelligently sense any unusual activity or threat which could be missed by a traditional signature or behavior based security software. This multi-layer approach can maximize the possibility of detection of a zero-day or ‘unknown’ threat and minimize the risk to end-point devices and servers.

CloudFish Technology

At CloudFish, the cyber-security researchers developed an innovative approach that uses the Artificial Neural Networks to continuously analyze the activity on end-point devices and make an intelligent decision to catch suspicious or malicious programs.

At the core of the technology developed by CloudFish is a network of computer simulated network of neurons that ‘analyze’ the programs running on the computers and ‘learn’ the characteristics of the programs that are identified as ‘malicious’.By training this artificial network of neurons on approximately 900,000+ threat conditions, CloudFish’s artificial neural network has been able to make highly accurate predictions about the software that can potentially be classified as ‘malicious’.

Using this dynamic assessment of program behavior based on the collective intelligence built into the neural network, CloudFish has been able to detect some of the most sophisticated and lethal ‘zero-day’ attacks which were previously unknown and most of the traditional security products were not able to detect those.

Light Weight Technology

  • Light weight technology powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • Built on industry-standard security protocols and open source technology
  • Detects and controls threats not detectable by traditional security software
  • Easy to use interfaces. Requires no technical knowledge from end users
  • Plug & play deployment. Works seamlessly with your existing IT infrastructure

Leverage the Power of Compliance 24×7 Security