The SOC2 Compliance Challenge in the Cloud


SOC 2 is applicable to public cloud computing solutions, as there is an increasing demand for compliance reporting over the management and security of sensitive data. Organizations that rely on third parties to use, store, and dispose of critical data need certainty that their cloud provider’s environment is secure and compliant. To satisfy regulators’ and other stakeholders’ demands for internal controls surety, a SOC 2 report focuses on the aforementioned five trust service principles.


Turn on prebuilt
HIPAA Compliance Control

Our compliance experts have already mapped all of the HIPAA Controls to your cloud vendor of choice. You just turn it on with one click and it will enforce all the policies.

Continuous scans to
monitor and identify violations

Real time detection of violations via EagleEye or you can just simply continuous scan your infrastructure on an automated schedule. We maintain all evidence data for your auditor and customers to prove compliance easily.

Stay compliant with automated remediations

Stay compliant all the time, not just once a year exercise. Real-time and guided remediation quickly fixes your violations and keeps you compliant. No need for constantly building ever changing compliance and cloud expertise.

Continuous & Real-time Compliance

Continuous real time monitoring and management of SOC2 Compliance controls drives efficiency and improved compliance posture. Complete audit trails for evidence reporting. Ability to quickly see what has changed and risk level associated with it.

Compliance & Risk Governance

Establish compliance and security guardrails to provide protection of all cloud services including, Perimeter, IAM, NAT, VPC, EC2, RDS, ELB, CloudTrail & more. Real time risk alerts of new vulnerabilities, services added or changed. Over 150+ best practices allows continuous protection.


Unique multiple dashboards, that displays overall health, security posture, violations and remediation with clear instructions. Both executives and technical views reduces time to remediate. Auto and manual remediation support provided with direct integration into your SEIM and ticketing solutions.

& Analysis

Continuous real time monitoring and management of HIPAA Compliance controls drives efficiency and improved compliance posture. Complete audit trails for evidence reporting. Ability to quickly see what has changed and risk level associated with it.


Compliance 24×7 identifies your security and compliance risks continuously.

Compliance 24×7 immediately improves compliance posture by quickly scanning all your cloud services, perimeter, NAT tables, IAM, Storage, and more to identify compliance violations and security vulnerabilities. Get a summary view of all your compliance incidents and reduce your compliance backlog directly from the main dashboard. Add your custom policies and rules to perform additional checks and report back via alerts or in a concise easy to understand report. Identify issues proactively mitigate risk and reduce your attack surface.

Security checks all
mapped to SOC2 Controls

All of the testable SOC-2 controls are mapped and ready. All you need
to do is to simply select SOC-2 control set and run a scan and generate
a report. The report is in the format for Auditors where each regulation
control number is displayed in the control description, its findings and
finally a score of PASS/FAIL. No need for manual inspections and running
scripts to test controls. Save time for your team and focus on
creating value and not on manual tasks.

Detail Actionable


Compliance 24×7 allows you to see which specific Accounts and Services needs attention. Focusing on high priority failed items per area of expertise like Networks or Logging can divert the workload easily and quickly. Detailed drill-down remediation data quickly pinpoint the problem. You can also schedule the work via alert automation automatically and it can remediate via a combination of Ticketing, SNS, emails etc. Get back in control on a daily basis and reduce the backlog.

What’s included in the

Communication and Information
Risk Assessment
Control Activities
Logical and Physical Access Controls
System Operations
Processing Integrity
Trust Services Criteria and Points of Focus
Monitoring Activities
Change Management
Risk Mitigation


Leverage the Power of Compliance 24×7 Security